I want to grow old

by LFTW on June 14, 2010 · 0 comments

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“I work with the elderly. I work in a skilled nursing facility, and I see a lot of people at end of life. And I think unless you’re exposed to that there’s this perception that it’s this horrible, horrific thing. Nobody wants to live out their years in a nursing home. Nobody wants to grow old. They kind of ignore it and pretend it’s not going to happen to them. They block it out. It’s not…

“It’s kind of a natural progression of things. You think these people have a poor quality of life, and granted some do, but, you know, it’s all a part of the cycle. A lot of these people have so much wisdom and so much skill to give to our generation. And they’re happy and they’re comfortable and they’re at peace with where they are right now.

“So, no. For me, no. I want to grow old.”

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